Until about a year ago, I never considered myself as a type of gambler. I rarely betted on anything and had no interest in doing so either, although I had plenty of friends who were involved in all sorts of different online gaming activities. However, I was looking for a new hobby. Something fun to do when I had an hour or two to spare after work – Something that would excite me! Being a pretty open minded guy, I was not one to say no when one of my friends suggested I’d try out online bingo. He’d found a page called Balloon Bingo (click here to visit), and said it was some of the most fun he had had in years. Although a bit skeptical, I agreed to try it out. Luckily, they had a free bonus that I received just from signing up to the website, and surely enough, I immediately knew that I had found the activity I was looking for. In this article I just wanted to post out a couple of reasons for you to try out online bingo!

First and foremost, it’s just so convenient! If you want to do sports for example, you will have to be prepared to travel to a location and put on the appropriate clothes. You then have your fun, and afterwards you need to take a shower and then go home again. Well, in online bingo, all I do is that I make myself a nice snack and a good drink, then pop up my laptop in my cozy sofa and I log in and start playing. It literally just takes me a minute before I’m in the game having a really good time! Finding a good bingo website is equally quick! There are several websites, such as bingo.li, you can visit that specializes in the area.

When I first started playing bingo online I thought it wouldn’t suit me as I am quite a chatty type of person and  I like to communicate with my friends, and I thought that bingo online was something you would just do on your own. But I was wrong! Bingo online is actually a really social activity. The vast majority of bingo websites have a chat room that everyone who is on the site is connected to. You can find some really good social bingo website on this link. As you don’t really have to focus that much on the actual game, you have plenty of time to get to know the other players who play on the site. I was glad to find out that bingo players are typically quite a cheerful group of people, so most of the time I have as much fun chatting with them as I have playing the game.

The game itself I like because it’s simple and basic. You just buy your cards and hope for the best, and the tension builds the further in to the bingo round you go. No need for advanced strategies in this game, unlike many other forms of gambling, such as poker or casino games, where players have to focus all their attention of making the right moves. If you don’t know how to play bingo properly, there are good guides available at sites like Bingoya.org and bingoonline.pw. They are both bingo centrals with a lot of good information for new players!

Although I have never tried playing bingo in real life, I’m absolutely certain that playing online is much more fun. Bingo live has the disadvantage of you having to mark your own cards. As there are quite a lot of numbers to keep track of, this takes up all your attention which means that you have way less time to talk to your friends during the game. In addition to that, let’s be honest, most people in live bingo halls tend to be retired old ladies. In online bingo it’s completely different, people tend to be from all age groups and backgrounds, which makes for a really good mix of people.