I am a fan of poker, in any form; it is just a game I am never tired of playing, pure fun. Now, with so many WebPages dedicated to it, it is a joy to play with other people across the globe. My favourite sites are those that focus in the social aspect, the chat rooms are a real joy, especially in the Poker room.  Through my different adventures I have come across many players that share the same passion as me, this is a great way of sharing the game, and in an environment that favours it.

So for me, more than the game itself, as it can be played anywhere, the excitement comes from the opportunity to share and talk to different personalities under the same platform. Through this connectivity the experience reaches a level unknown to me before.

Once I started to play with others the thing got even more exiting, we always help each other out when offers come up or special tournaments. Before that, I relied on Juegos del Poker, a website that has some of the best casino reviews on the web, but now I am having a blast being part of the community.

As a regular Poker player I came to notice that beginners tend to make slight mistakes from time to time, and, to be honest it is not that difficult to keep a game constant. It may not happen in the same way when it comes to online poker but the tips I will give will surely help in one way or another, tips to make sure you are perfectly capable of playing at a certain level.

1-      Practice, practice, practice, there are plenty of sites that offer demos of poker games (you can find them here), such software must be taken advantage of, use it and reuse it until you can literally play hands in your mind.

2-      Make sure you are up to date with all the offers and promotions that are currently taking place

3-      Make sure you have a safe money account on the side specifically for betting, this way you can control your economics better – never bet money you can´t afford to lose.

4-      Play all the varieties of poker that are offered on the internet, the more experience you get on them will prepare you to participate in tournaments which are specific to a mode of poker.

5-      Make small bets and look for the long run, once you get better you can start betting higher.

6-      Once you get comfortable with the mechanism try and get into the chat rooms and discuss, this helped me level up my knowledge, there’s stuff you can´t just learn from a book or a educational site.