At the very beginning when looking at online casinos it was clear that the experience given was not, in any way, similar to what playing in a real casino was like. The different gaming simulators gave a sterile experience that could not be enjoyed fully. This was a constant until the giants of the gambling industry saw the opportunities internet could provide. It is because of this that now we have multi-gaming-platforms (you can find several of them here) that give an experience close to perfect in relation to what  physical casinos provide.

The growth of online gaming has leveled parallel to the internet; this has spectacularly improved the overall experience by bringing it down to the rest of the mortals – making it accessible to everyone.

Ever since the main focal point gambling market moved from live casinos to the internet, the development has never stopped. We are continuously updated with new exciting features on online casinos around the world, and the pace of technical improvements on the games is amazing. A few years ago, live dealing was the thing that shook the online gaming industry, and soon after that, every casino that wanted to be one of the big shots on the market had to incorporate the feature on their websites. This feature has been particularly popular on the South American market, much thanks to websites such as, that reviews websites with this feature, called “ Juegos para móviles” in Spanish.

The next step was, naturally, to give players an opportunity to be more flexible. As mobile phones have gone from being just phones, to being pretty advanced computers with endless amounts of applications and special features, the casino industry was not late to catch on to this. Nowadays, a lot of casinos can offer their customers a mobile version of the casino, meaning that players can now enjoy their favorite games at websites like Binguez at any given time and place, as long as there is a possibility to go online.

We think this is a huge step forward for the gaming industry, as people are likely to expect having access to whatever they want from the internet, whenever they want. Imagine being able to spice up a boring bus ride by just getting your phone from your pocket and straight away have access to some of the best casino games in the world

Just think about it, people these days have everything in their phones. They use them to check their messages, their email inbox as well as their calendar. They use them to play games and watch movies, as well as putting photos up on the internet and making video films. Let’s face it – Mobile phones are not phones anymore, they’re practically small computers that you can do anything with. So why should you not be able to play casino games on them?